2022-01-19 18:16


Doctor livestream patient's body while doing surgery and detain

Police have detained a doctor who was suspected of livestreaming a gynecological surgery of a female patient, the police in East China's Rizhao announced Tuesday evening. The account of the male doctor that was used for the livestream was also permanently banned on China's video-sharing platform Bilibili.

The livestreaming went viral on Tuesday evening after a netizen exposed that he saw a live broadcasting on Saturday afternoon on Bilibili where the private parts of a female patient's body were filmed and exposed.

According to the conversation in the live video, the livestreamer is a male anesthetist during a gynecological surgery on a female patient, said the netizen.


"A female doctor told the patient that the man was her anesthetist, but the poor woman had no idea that her private parts were being livestreamed. The anesthetist's colleagues didn't stop him either," said the netizen. 

Bilibili responded to the incident on Tuesday evening, saying the livestream had been warned and cut off for several times on Saturday before the account that posted it was permanently locked, saying the platform has reported it to the police and will cooperate with the investigation.


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