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China Clamps Down On Winter Holiday Private Tutoring

By Lars Harmer and Vicky Qiu

On January 7, The Ministry of Education stated that the Double Reduction Policy would be strictly enforced during the winter holiday, in order to minimize pressure on school children.

Double Reduction refers to a decrease in the amount of time school children spend doing homework and extra tutoring, and the financial burden on parents of paying for after-school training centers and private tuition. 

Teaching the Chinese school curriculum for profit in the private education sector became illegal in 2021, after the government enforced sweeping changes on the industry, and training centers and private tutoring services will be under strict surveillance by local authorities to ensure they are not providing curriculum based tutoring.

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Under the Double Reduction Policy, any training center or private tutoring company that focuses on compulsory eduction subjects (Chinese literature, languages, maths, science, etc) must change curriculum or register as non-profit organizations.

Since its implementation, any newly formed training center or private tutoring company teaching compulsory subjects will not be approved by the local government. 

The Policy had a significant impact on the industry. According to the Ministry of Education in December 2021, the number of offline and online training centers decreased by 83.8% and 84.1%, respectively. The amount of time students spent doing homework was also reduced.

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