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Central China Is Battling Both Delta and Omicron Variants

Central China Is Battling Both COVID-19 Variants Delta and Omicron Variants

Residents of Anyang, Central Chinas Henan Province stand in line with their umbrellas in light rain for a second round of nucleic acid testing on January 10, 2022. Photo: VCG

Central China's Henan has become the latest Chinese province to face the onslaught of COVID-19 as it records the most cases nationwide. The province is battling both the Delta and Omicron variants.

Henan has reported 87 domestically-transmitted cases as of Monday as the Chinese mainland recorded 110 new cases.

58 cases are in Henans Anyang city, where the outbreak started after two individuals with Omicron were discovered - the same transmission chain with that of Tianjin.

In order to curb the spreading, Anyang, a city of 5 million, imposed a lockdown on Monday, asking residents not to leave their houses unless for nucleic acid tests. Ordinary vehicles are banned on the roads and almost all production activities are suspended.

The city also suspended selling train tickets to Beijing, where the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be held within in a few weeks.

Yuzhou and Zhengzhou, two other Henan cities, are battling the Delta variant. Yuzhou started its seventh city-wide nucleic acid testing on Monday and has imposed a lockdown since Sunday.

Commerce bureau of Yuzhou vowed to guarantee the safety of peoples lives during the lockdown.

Zhengzhou, the capital city, has put strict measures on communities and areas where confirmed cases were found. Fewer vehicles are allowed on the roads and subways have been ordered to run at a 50% capacity. Apart from places providing daily necessities, other venues are closed.

From January 4 to 10, Zhengzhou conducted four rounds of mass testing and five rounds of tests among key groups. The current new cases were all from epidemic controlled zones. As of Monday, Zhengzhou has reported 106 confirmed cases.

Henan has asked its residents to avoid travelling during the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival.

Meanwhile, Xian, the metropolis hit hardest since the Wuhan outbreak, is rolling out policies to relax restrictive measures accordingly since Monday, as the number of cases has been going down.

Source: Global Times

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