2022-01-24 18:08


COVID Pandemic Lockdown Ends in Xi'an, Flights Resume!

Source: IndiaTimes

Authorities have lifted a month-long pandemic lockdown on the northern Chinese city of Xi'an and its 13 million residents.

The announcement Monday followed the restart of commercial flights from the city the day before.

Xi'an is about 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) southwest of Beijing, where the Winter Olympics open Feb. 4.

Access to the city was suspended December 22 following an outbreak attributed to the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the 2 million residents of one Beijing district have been ordered to undergo testing following a series of infections.

People in areas of the Chinese capital deemed at high risk for infection were told not to leave the city after 25 cases were found in the Fengtai district and 14 elsewhere.

On Sunday, Fengtai residents lined up on snow-covered sidewalks in freezing weather for testing.

Other outbreaks prompted the government to impose travel bans on a number of cities, including the port of Tianjin, about an hour from Beijing. 

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