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Attention: Foreign Employees in China Can Get These benefits!

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Attention: Foreign Employees in China Can Get These benefits!

Foreigners must have work visaslegal and valid work permits and residence permits to get employed in China.

In this article, we will introduce what benefits you can get when you hold work visas in China.


1% reduction on the income from taxable sales of small-scale VAT payers

We explained a couple of tax incentives policies, which will expire by 31 December 2021 in THIS article.

But according to the news released on 31 2021, tax incentives are confirmed to extend till 31 Dec 2023

You can still enjoy these personal income tax benefits while staying in China!

Source: Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China 


Legal workers can get social 


Those who have obtained legal employment documents(such as work permits) and residence permits for foreigners can get social insurance in China .

For more details, you can click HERE.

Taking pension insurance ( as an example, foreign employees who have paid for more than 15 years and reached the statutory retirement age in China (males over 60 years old and women over 55 years old) can either get a monthly pension in China, or get a monthly pension abroad. 

If a foreign employee leaves China before pension age, their social insurance personal account shall be retained, and if they come to work in China again, the years of contribution shall be calculated cumulatively. 

If they formally apply to terminate their social insurance, they can get the savings in their personal account in one payment.


No need to reapply for entry 

visa (this works too during the 


Foreigners with residence permits can enter/exit China multiple times within the validity period. 

Those with valid residence permits can exit/enter China during the pandemic. They do not need to apply for a PU letter additionally(if they got WHO-Recognized vaccine injection).


Reunion (not available now 

because of the pandemic).

Family dependents can apply for S visas to enter China before the epidemic.

a sample from our clients

Under the current situation, family dependents(spouse and children) can thus join the PU letter application with the principal applicant. While the principal applicant is currently working or living in China, family members can lodge their applications separately. 


When applying for a PU letter for family members, make sure to provide relevant materials as required. 

Please confirm that all applicants already hold China- or WHO-approved vaccination certificates (except underage children)


Children can study in China.

If foreigners want to send their children to international schools in China, one of the parents must have already obtained valid residence permit in China, and the children must have long-term visas. 

Passports will not be the only way to prove their identities. They can use driving licenses, ID cards or visas in their passports instead. 

However, the benefits would not apply to short-term visa holders.


    Residence permits (work) is 

required when applying for PR card (work).

Taking policies in Shanghai as an example, those who have worked in Shanghai continuously for 4 years with an annual salary income (before tax) exceeding RMB600,000, and have paid annual individual income tax exceeding RMB120,000, and stay in China for no less than 6 months every year in these 4 years can apply for permanent residence in China with the present employer's recommendation.

The foreign spouse and their unmarried children under 18 years old of the above applicants can apply for permanent residence together.


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