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3 Bars You Should Avoid to Avoid Getting Broke

3 Bars You Should Avoid to Avoid Getting Broke

Bar Lotus

When you wait in front of a bar at 23:00 and you still need to wait for more than an hour, I guess you already know how popular this bar is.

Interior designs, nice snack menus and its frequent collaboration with other popular brands like Hey Tea cant be more perfect for photography maniacs. But when you are actually there, you will realize why some people are saying no to photographs. Its indeed not a very big bar. Though mirrors are all set up to achieve the best visual effect, how big can it be when you can hear everything your neighbors say?

Quite average drinks, either taste like water, or too fruity/sweet. By the way, if you keep ordering these overpriced drinks, maybe you will get broke faster than getting wasted.

Bar Flow

Hidden inside a hair salon, the bar has gained its fame for a while, with pictures of its LED Sleep at work, Drink after work popping up on social media. 

Exquisite glass design, average alcohol. Another package with no real content. Service is quite slow and cold. Serving staff has long facesometimes when you have any needs, you actually think before you ask, 'Have I owed them money without myself knowing it?'


Have you ever wondered why some bars just can't give up making drinks and turn into restaurants? First-class barbecue, low-end alcohol. The chief obviously cut the fruit with the same knife he just cut a fish. Thanks to the fishy flavored drink, you might have avoided a huge hangover for the next morning.


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