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[HSK 3 to 6] Written and Spoken tests to be combined in 2022!

HSK made the news again!

This time, it's not about the revised word lists (for the moment, the exams are still using the old word lists). It's about the change in exam structure all levels starting from HSK 3 will now include a Spoken Test!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This change will only affect overseas HSK testing sites. Testing sites in China will not be affected.


In Short


Starting from next year, all overseas HSK3 to HSK6 test takers should also prepare for the Spoken Test. The written and spoken part will come as a combo package

HSK 3 + | Beginner Spoken Test

HSK 4 + | Intermediate Spoken Test

HSK 5 + | Advanced Spoken Test

HSK 6 + | Advanced Spoken Test

In Detail


Here's the official notice from CTI ():

If after seeing that letter you thought 'subtitles please', here's a line-by-line breakdown:

HSKGuny HSK bsh y kush hbng zzh shsh de tngzhNotice on Merging the HSK Written and Speaking Tests
G Hny kosh kodin:To all Chinese test sites:
HSKWi tudng Hny kosh fzhn, lush guj Zhngwn jioy Zhngwn shupng dngj biozhn yoqi, cjn dqi guj Zhngwn jioy go zhling fzhn, jng ynji judng, jing Hny Shupng Kosh (HSK) bsh y kush hbng zzh shsh. Jt npi rxi:In order to promote the development of Chinese language exam, carry out the requirements of the Chinese Language Level Standards of International Chinese Education and promote the high-quality development of international Chinese language education worldwide, weve decided to combine the Written and Spoken parts of the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). The specific arrangements are as follows:

20221HSK56r lng r r nin y yu q, HSK5,6 j koshng x cnji kush goj;Starting from January 2022, HSK5 and HSK6 candidates must take the Advanced level Speaking test;
20223HSK4HSK3r lng r r nin sn yu q, HSK4 j koshng x cnji kush zhngj, HSK3 j koshng x cnji kush chj.Starting from March 2022, HSK4 candidates must take the Intermediate level Speaking test, and HSK3 candidates must take the Beginner level Speaking test.
HSKHSK bsh y kush chngj bogo hbng ffng.HSK Written and Speaking test result reports will be issued together.
Tc tngzh.(All parties) have hereby been informed.
Gnxi du Hnko gngzu de dl zhch!Thank you for your strong support of our (CTI) work!

Hn ko guj

CTI | Chinese Testing International Co.


r lng r y nin shr yu sn r

December 3, 2021

Practice with Teachers


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