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Xinjiang couple riding horses 99 days to Beijing just to watch

A couple from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region made a special trip to Beijing, riding two horses from Tacheng Prefecture of Xinjiang to the Chinese capital to realize their dream of watching the flag-raising ceremony at Tiananmen square.

The Kazakh woman Jaina Erkin, 25, is from Bortingke township, Sawan city, Tacheng Prefecture.

Earlier this year, the dream of riding to Beijing took root in the hearts of the couple, who are seeing their income increasing year by year through science-based animal husbandry.

After telling their families and friends about their plan, the two started the trip and headed for the capital.

On Aug. 1, the thrilled and exhilarated couple watched the national flag of China being raised at Tiananmen Square, and sang the national anthem that resonated throughout the square.

According to the woman, they met several hospitable people on their trip, including ethnic Kazakhs who shared milk tea with them, ethnic Mongolians who offered them food and medicines, and Han people who warmly received them.

After the 99-day trip, Jaina Erkin returned home, and told their families and fellow villagers about their experiences and the huge changes in the country that they had seen.

She said the trip to Beijing made her proud of being Chinese. She told the press conference that her village had been paved with asphalt roads, and every household is connected to water and power supplies and has internet access.

Medical expenses are no longer a worry for the villagers, and the children enjoy free education and all kinds of subsidies from kindergarten age, she said.

Now, her family raises over 300 sheep, 40 cattle, and 20 horses, and the days are just getting better and better, she added.


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