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Stop Asking Friends To Help You Shop Online


Shopping in China can be a little overwhelming.
If youre tired of relying on friends to help you buy things online, or if you havent yet discovered how amazing online shopping is in China C this ones for you.Baopals.com has taken Taobao, Tmall and JD C Chinas three biggest shopping platforms C put them all together and tailor-made everything for Chinas expats.Its not just that theyve taken over a billion products and made it all in English. Baopals is an entirely different shopping experience, where you can easily discover products loved by Chinas expat community and have a hardworking bilingual service team by your side.Want to customize an awesome gift for a loved one? Baopals has an entire department for custom items and makes sure you get what you need.Not sure which sellers to trust? Baopals monitors every order to make sure sellers are reliable and ship quickly. If not, an agent gets in touch with you for a quick refund and a recommended alternative.With the holidays here, youll find all the inspiration you need in the Baopals Christmas department, Gifts for Him and Her departments, and the Whats Hot section C where you can find top sellers in every category. In the Discover section you can browse all the best-reviewed items from the Baopals community, the most popular sellers to add to your favorites list, and even ask the community to help you find whatever you desire.And if youre still hunting for ideas, just sift through thousands of Cool, Cheap & Crazy products in the Baopals CCC section!One more thing C Baopals has just begun shipping to USA, Australia and Hong Kong, with dozens of countries to follow in 2022. So you can take Taobao with you (or share it with loved ones) wherever you go!Last but not least... Baopals is having a special Christmas sale on December 12th that you don't want to miss. Make an order on 12.12 and you'll instantly earn a random cash back reward between 10 and 500!Join nearly 100,000 other expats in China that have already purchased over 5 million items through Baopals. Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry

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