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SH Reports 1 Local COVID Case, Bringing Medium-risk Areas to 5

SH Reports 1 Local COVID Case, Bringing Medium-risk Areas to 5

Shanghai reported a locally transmitted COVID-19 case yesterday.

The 30-year-old man living in Phase Four of the Yulanxiangyuan residential complex in Pudong New Area is a close contact of a patient in another province.

He took a high-speed train from Shanghai to his hometown on December 1 and attended a gathering during which he had contacts with the patient. He returned to the city on December 4.

The patient who had received only one shot of the coronavirus vaccine has mild symptoms.

41 close contacts have been put under medical observation. A total of 11,334 persons have been screened and all results were negative. 596 environmental samples have been collected, all have tested negative.

Phase Four of Yulanxiangyuan residential complex in Zhangjiang Town in Pudong has been elevated to a medium-level risk area, bringing the total number of medium-level risk areas in the city to 5. ( in which 3 current medium-risk areas: Huamu Jiedao Jinxiu Lu in Pudong, Sanlin Zhen Haiyang Lu 1080 Xiagzhangyuan in Pudong, Zhaoxiang Zhen Yewen Lu 189 Xijiao Jinlu in Qingpu, will become low-risk areas from 0:00 on Dec 9).

Authorities suggested that local residents should avoid non-essential trips during the upcoming New Year and the Spring Festival holidays.

Large-scale gatherings and activities will be canceled or delayed or held with a strictly controlled number of participants.

Source: SHINE


COVID-19 Update Nov. 23rd

1. Shanghai: 

+1 local case

+8 imported COVID-19 cases

2. Chinese mainland:

+44 local cases

+30 imported COVID-19 cases

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