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Quit PinYin to Unleash Your Chinese Learning Power

  • We believe foreign students should not start from PinYin to learn Chinese, since a PinYin tone is an index of standard 4-tone sound sequences, it requires students to pronounce PinYin 4-tone sequences well first, otherwise learning PinYin tones is very difficult if not impossible

  • HeChinese is an innovative Chinese study method, it teaches Chinese directly starting from components writing & typing, without PinYin and tones.
  • We offer a FREE 6-hour online direct Chinese course, to learn & practice Chinese skills of writing, typing & pronouncing, and get abilities & confidence for rapid Chinese study. 

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Quit PinYin to Unleash Chinese Learning Power

FREE 6-Hour Online Direct Chinese Course

Since a PinYin tone is an index of standard 4-tone sound sequences, it requires students to pronounce PinYin 4-tone sequences well first, otherwise learning PinYin tones is very difficult if not impossible. 

Previous article: PinYin is a Language Tool provides more explanations:

1. Native Chinese never use PinYin to learn Chinese speaking;

2. Using PinYin to teach foreigners Chinese speaking is wrong;

3. PinYin blocks the way of Chinese writing & reading learning;

4. PinYin input erases the memory of Chinese writing.

HeChinese is an innovative Chinese study method, invented and developed since 2003, it teaches Chinese directly starting from components writing and typing, without PinYin and tones.

This FREE 6-Hour Online direct Chinese experience Course teaches Chinese basic skills of writing, typing & pronouncing, and fully experiences HeChinese Study Method & Quick Course.


Time Schedule10th C 12th Dec. 2021, 3 lessons + 3 assignments, total 6 hours (3 times * 2 hours).

1) Friday 10th Dec. evening 7 C 9 pm (China time);

2) Saturday 11th Dec. evening 7 C 9 pm;

3) Sunay 12th Dec. evening 7 C 9 pm.


This FREE 6 Hour Online Direct Chinese Experience Course has following goals:

1. Get Chinese learning skills of writing, typing & pronouncing;

2. Get Chinese study method: Recite short sentences to remember sounds & meanings of words;

3. Experiences HeChinese Quick Course, get abilities & confidence for further Chinese quick study.


Requirements1. Have a computer with internet, better to have a numeric keyboard;2. Attend each class or watch playback;3. Do homework, and submit assignments on time;4. Do a course survey at end, write your comments & suggestions for the course;


No Course FeeThis 6 hour direct Chinese experience course is free.The course also provides free study materials, such as software, PDF writing pages, videos etc.12 hours a day, we will give intensive help for students' course study, check assignments, answer questions, and give guide for improvements.We require and encourage students to participate the course actively, and finish each assignment on time.



HeChinese Academy, ShenZhen, China, provides this FREE 6 Hour Online direct Chinese Experience Course.

We are on Tencent online meeting everyday at most of time from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm (China time), answer your queries, questions, help your learning and practice at:


Meeting ID: 706-6954-7867

So quit PinYin and unleash your Chinese learning power

Scan now to book your FREE course:

1PinYin is a Language Tool

2Speaking from numbers

325 HeChinese characters

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