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New Policies to Affect Teachers in China!

Source:China Daily

2 new policies are going into affect to regulate teachers, and to provide extra pay!

China's Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council has put into effect, on a trial basis, new rules for the setting up and management of inter-disciplines involving university courses and research programs.

The new regulations stipulate that to institute a new interdisciplinary course, there should be an urgent yet stable need for talent with expertise in that discipline.

Besides, institutions of higher education should have a competent teaching team and solid academic foundation to launch interdisciplinary programs, according to the rules.

After School Pay

The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission announced on Thursday that it will begin paying teachers who provide after-school care to students.

According to the commission, two hours of after-school care is equivalent to three periods of classes. The remuneration for a single period is 85 yuan ($13.34).

The commission said that it will also cover the operating expenses incurred during after-school services, by a subsidy base on a school's head accounts of students, equivalent to no less than 100 yuan per student per year.

The after-school services are part of the China's "Double Reduction" policy, which aims to reduce students' education burden by enhancing education and banning after-school private tutoring.

In response to the policy, Shanghai has implemented the "5+2" model in which schools offer at least two hours of after-school services every weekday.

However, this model poses a challenge for many school teachers as they now have a heavier workload. The commission has in turn taken several measures to address this issue and alleviate the stress on teachers.

Besides providing monetary compensation, the commission will also encourage schools to recruit retired teachers or qualified professionals to provide after-school services.

Schools will also be allowed to make use of public facilities such as local children's palaces - government-funded institutions designed for children to study and practice arts and science after school - and non-disciplinary off-campus institutions to conduct extra-curricular activities.

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