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McDonald's China Now Has Exercise Bikes for Healthy Living...


McDonalds is testing out a new item not on its menu but available to dine-in customers: exercise bikes.

The corporation confirmed to FOX Television Stations that its trying out "The Green Charging Bike" at two locations in China. The Jieyang Wanda restaurant in Guangdong Province rolled out the bikes in September 2021. The New Hualian restaurant location in Shanghai followed suit.

The company said the bikes are designed to inspire more green behaviors as customers enjoy their McDonalds favorites. The bikes generate electricity to power electronic devices like mobile phones. Company leaders say its part of China's "Upcycle for Good" project, an initiative focused on creating products with plastic parts from recycled materials.

The company said it will continue to solicit feedback from customers before expanding the program to other cities.

And it's recently gone viral on TikTok too.

The clip in question shows customers at the fast-food chain enjoying their meals as they pedal on McDonald's-branded exercise bikes. The now-viral videowhich, at the time of writing, has 2.2 million likes, 40.9 thousand comments, and 213.4 thousand sharesfocuses on one young woman as she guzzles down her drink and inhales her burger all while pedaling like the wind. She is an absolute champion and a multitasking queen.

TikTok user Cris13yu posted the clip with the caption "mc da China kkkk amei a idea," which translates to "McDonald's in China, I loved the idea," according to The Sun.

Comments range from speculative to supportive to discouraging.

One TikTok user wrote, "This is like using your phone while charging."

"Your calories are so confused," wrote another.

The best comment, however, has got to be the simple "McFitness."

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