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How do you say up to you in Mandarin?

Daily Chinese

Tng n de.

Up to you.


Wmen jntin zhngw ch shl znme yng?

How about we have a salad for lunch today?

Xng, tng n de.

Okay, up to you.

Hnbo, ch g hnbo?

Burger, how about a burger?

Du tng n de!

It's all up to you!

Maybe you've already learned a lot, but your oral expression is still stretched?

Or perhaps you are looking for more opportunities to speak Chinese?
Why not try our small group spoken Chinese class!
Find a partner or classmate to improve your motivation. You may find your SOUL CLASSMATE!

Check out the online group, "Tuesdays Smelly Couch". 

 We are strongtogether!

We make online small group spoken Chinese class work for you!

As our student Sasha once said: "I felt lucky to find Chinese Surfing! I thought the online class would just be via WeChat video call or something, but it turned out its so interesting and effective, and I made progress every class, which is much better than I had thought it would be."

Features of online

small group spoken class



More creativity!

Roundtable, debate, games, and teamwork and using various interesting methods will keep you interested and engaged while you learn.



Selected practical topics and HSK content combined let you get closer to the needs of daily life and work. Just put them into daily use! We focus on improving conversational abilities.


Learn from each other!

You will be encouraged and refreshed by your classmates and teacher team, and never feel left out.

More?You will have course recordings to review and further digest what you have learned after class.
All the small group spoken classhave a teaching assistantwho will:

Help you to have more practice after class in WeChat groups or community, which is not only putting that which has been newly learned into use, but also creating a strong bond to help the group study consistently.

Give timely feedback of your developing strengths and how to improve weaknesses.

Cheer you on when you are occasionally discouraged while learning Chinese, or help you move back on the right track.

See the class that suits your level and time?

For more group classes, please scan the QR code below to discover which will work best for you.

Group size: 

2-4 students to ensure everyone has enough time to practice!

Online platform:

Zhumu, which is similar to Zoom.

Course duration: 

One class is 90 minutes.

Fees: Month Card

1. 770rmb/month. 

One class per week, 4 classes a month

2. 1500rmb/month.

Two classes per week, 8 classes a month

Please add our course consultant below 

to book a trial class

We can help level up your speaking abilities, 

to speak Chinese confidently and freely!

Learning with Chinese Surfing is not only fun and effective in class, but the most important thing is, after class you can use what have learned in the real world!

See what our students have achieved

swipe to learn more

Check out the video, why Casper felt proud? 

Besides, Chinese Surfing also offers online and offline private classes which may be more suitable for those who are busy with work or who want to learn at their own pace and goals available as well.
And Business Chinese, HSK Preparation, Intensive Learning, Weekend Classes, and offline classes in Hangzhou!         Please scan the QR code below to book a free trial and more!Chinese is such an interesting language!Once learning Chinese, always loving Chinese!  Justin said, one of our students.

About Chinese Surfing

Chinese Surfing is a Chinese language center with a shared vision of making the Chinese language and culture accessible to the international community.

Our mission is to make Chinese language and China accessible to all, giving people the tools and confidence to experience this amazing country like a local.

We provide:

  • Online Classes

  • Small Classes

  • Private Classes

  • Business Chinese Classes

  • HSK1-6 Preparation Classes

  • Intensive Chinese Classes

  • Corporate- Dlasses

And we host events every month in Hangzhou or online. Join in the community of Chinese Surfing.

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