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4 young Chinese illegally selling stars private information and

Four young Chinese were detained for allegedly selling the private information of stars including Xiao Zhan and Jackson Wang without their permission, according to a statement issued by a police bureau based in Hangzhou, East Chinas Zhejiang Province.

Media reported on Tuesday that the police bureau recently closed the case concerning the four criminal suspects illegal activities C selling celebrities flight information over a three-month period. Two of them were in their mid-20s, while the other two were under 20. 

The gang obtained the information through illegal means and then entered the celebrities information such as their ID number into the self-service check-in machines at the airport to obtain the flight information for hundreds of celebrities, including Xiao Zhan and Jackson Wang. They later sold this information to fan clubs and fan groups for less than 100 yuan ($15) per star. 

The gang also sold send off tickets which could allow fans to enter the waiting hall at airports to see their idols there. With this ticket, fans could wait for a celebrity at the check-in gate and get closer to the celebrity for a longer meeting time.
Daqi (pseudonym), an insider in entertainment and fan circles, told that information about many celebrities is often leaked out by employees working at airports, creating a gray market in which they sell information to ravenous fans. Some studios of stars who are not that popular may also leak information to attract more fans, but studios of popular superstars done dare do this out of fear of causing disorder at airports.

It is not rare in China to see news reports about flights being delayed due to the chaos caused by fans who are looking to catch a glimpse of a star. 

While selling information for dozens of yuan may not seem to be a big deal for fans, they must realize that this behavior violates the law.


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