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400 Camera Accounts Sell For $23Your Privacy May Be Leaked

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Xiao Zhou, who lives in Beijing, told reporters that he is usually very busy at work. There are elderly and children at home, and he is worried about not being able to look after at home.
In order to save trouble, he bought a camera on the Internet for viewing. "

Using some keyword searches, security technicians quickly discovered that there are a large number of groups related to camera peeping on some social platforms. 
Entering the relevant chat groups, the chat content inside is more explicit, and some people send some real-time camera information from time to time.
Zhang Jiaqi, a senior engineer at the National Internet Emergency Response Center, said: The chats in the group are still relatively active. 

Some people will ask how to crack the camera and how to get the ID account of the camera. 
400 camera IDs are 150 yuan, and he will also sell special black products. Scanning tool, 300 yuan.

The black product scanning tool can scan thousands of camera IDs in 1 minute.
Because many of the camera passwords are not changed, the initial default user name and password are used, so once they obtain these camera IDs, they can watch the real-time images of a large number of cameras.

Liu Zhongjin, a senior engineer of the National Internet Emergency Response Center, told reporters that most of the cameras peeping at the cameras sold by the underworld are facing hotels, homes, bedrooms and other private places.
The information from these cameras has been repeatedly sold, and criminals have made huge profits from them. 

The leakage of these tens of thousands of camera images has seriously infringed on the privacy of citizens.
The reporter has learned that in recent years, black products such as camera peeping have continued to develop and evolve, and the division of labor in the industry chain has become increasingly refined. How to manage problematic apps?

loopholes cameras are forcibly scrapped

The Central Cyberspace Administration has also taken a number of measures.
The Office of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China instructed various platforms to dispose of more than 30,000 pieces of harmful information related to camera peeping and illegal production, and more than 5,600 accounts involving illegal transactions and dissemination of harmful content; 
Supervised the removal of "hidden cameras", "invisible filming" and other peeping Candid photos of apps; interviewed e-commerce platforms to urge them to remove peeping devices such as miniature cameras.

Interviews were conducted with apps such as CloudView, LeiVision, HichipVision, etc., which had some loopholes.
Regarding how individuals can prevent their cameras from being illegally peeped, Liu Zhongjin, a senior engineer at the National Internet Emergency Response Center, suggests: First, buy big brands through formal channels and cameras that have passed network security certification to avoid being implanted in the back door; 
Second, do not use cameras Toward the sensitive area; 
Third, modify the default password of the camera, it is best to change it to a complex password, a strong password; 
Fourth, maintain regular updates to the cameras firmware and App.

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