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Victoria House, the Jiangxi Countryside English Manor Getaway

By Sophie SteinerVictoria House Hotel is an English Country Manor located in the Jiangxi countryside, just 20 minutes from Wuyuan Railway Station. Named after owners Ed Gawne and Selina Liaos daughter Victoria, its evident that the guesthouse is for those families seeking a meaningful respite with a personal touch.Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sImage by Sophie Steiner/That'sEngland-born Ed and Jiangxi-native Selina are also the passionate owners of Skywells C a 300-year old refurbished Qing Dynasty mansion cum family inn, located just three kilometers away. READ MORE: Wuyuan Skywells: Rural Qing Mansion Antidote to Overtime CultureImage by Sophie Steiner/That'sImage by Sophie Steiner/That'sYears ago, while out on a walk, their dog Snowy began chasing after a chicken through charming tea fields. Trying to catch him, Ed and Selina came across some undeveloped land set amid charming tea fields.Forgetting Snowy for a moment, Ed and Selina shared a knowing glance; this could become a gorgeous site for their newest venture. Snowys portrait, painted to look like the great detective Sherlock Holmes, now hangs above the mantle of the sweeping library C the true founder of Victoria House.Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sWhereas Skywells is all about applauding ancient Chinese architecture, and restoring what once was back to its original level of grandeur, Victoria House is about creating a comfortingly new residence that pays homage to the rural estates of Englands most elite, particularly appealing to the local crowd and those with young families. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
The house is more than just any other beautiful European mansion; it has a story to tell and a unique spirit through the personalized decorative items that adorn the walls.
The tasteful dcor highlights old maps, hand-carried from Eds grandmas home in the UK, coupled with traditional baroque and portraiture paintings, cushiony chairs, a warming fireplace illuminating a live-edge wooden bar, a childs playroom and an expansive library. Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
The 17-bedroom house offers guests the most authentic of British getaways right here in China, with 14 more rooms set to open in the second wing by the end of 2021. Do note that the staff at Victoria House speak Chinese only, and while Skywells offers additional services, like hiking routes, mountain bikes and tailored itineries by Ed and Selina, Victoria House is for those wanting to arrange their own vacation schedules. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

This four-season destination is the ideal spot for everything from curling up with a wool blanket in a reading nook during the winter, glass of wine in hand, to sprawling out across the spacious lawn to sunbathe after a morning pool swim in summer. 

A hike through the surrounding tea fields and woods is a great option all year round. 

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Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
The outdoor area encompasses an infinity pool for those sultry summer days, situated amongst two acres of gardens C growing a multitude of carrots, radishes, cabbages, herbs and other flora.
Here, guests can pick anything from ripe vegetables to fresh flowers, bask in the sun, go fishing on the river or enjoy an afternoon picnic.

Flanked by a river bend at the front and tea fields in the back, the land also accommodates onsite parking.

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
Most attractive, the space showcases year-round picturesque vistas and dining accommodation for large scale events, like weddings, business gatherings and special occasion celebrations.
Daily dining options are led by the local on-premise chef, appealing to the Jiangxi palate, with spicy soups, stir-fried vegetables, stewed pork, tofu and sticky rice ribs. Curated special event menus are also available for pre-bookings. Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
Regardless of where home is for you, regardless of the climate or decorative style of where you grew up, regardless of age, background or history, there is something inherently comforting, uplifting and heartening about Victoria House. 
To book a room at Victoria House, visit their reservations page on CTrip.com.[Cover image by Sophie Steiner/That's]

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