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University Teacher Suspended over Affair

University Teacher Suspended over Affair

Shanghai International Studies University has suspended a physical education teacher since yesterday and launched an investigation after receiving tipoffs alleging that he had violated professional ethics.

The announcement was made after a web user identified as Gaga posted a long article on Weibo claiming that she was a student of SISU and a softball teacher Yan Su had cheated her by having an affair with her despite being married.

The author said she started a romantic relationship with Yan in June after he told her he had no girlfriend, but in October she found out he was already married and had a 1-year-old son.

She then sent an e-mail to the university on November 15 to report Yan's behavior and later got to know he had "harassed" other female students also.

The university claimed that it has insisted on a zero-tolerance policy on teachers' ethical behavior and will punish such violations seriously according to the country's laws and regulations.

Source: SHINE 

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