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Save Up To 600 On Chinese Classes!

Double Eleven mightve passed,

but its not too late to save on

your Chinese classes!

Don't miss out on That's Mandarin's

second biggest discount of the year:

The offer is valid for Intensive Group classes, Part-time Group classes, and Private Online classes. Special offers are available on Private Offline classes, too.
For details on each type of courses, visit their Black Friday page:

About That's Mandarin


Founded in 2005, Thats Mandarin has been delivering excellence in Chinese teaching for over 16 years to more than 50,000 students of different nationalities. They are dedicated to helping students to learn Chinese in Beijing, Shanghai, and Suzhou, as well as anywhere in the world via online courses with their in-house Chinese learning platform NihaoCafe.

Here's what their former students have to say:

Learn Chinese Like Never Before



With Chinese learning platform NihaoCafe, the class notes are taken for you. All the content you'll learn during your classes including videos, dialogues, and teacher's notes will be automatically saved to your account for future review, and you'll have 24/7 lifetime access to your past classes.

The content and technology are important, but it's always the teacher who makes the class special. And with That's Mandarin's experienced, full-time teachers, you can rest assured that you will get the highest quality lessons: they only hire 5% of all applicants.


You will learn with a newly produced, HSK-graded TV series with celebrity actors. The story is crafted carefully to include all the HSK vocabulary + extra words & phrases that you just can't live without.


That's Mandarin's bright, well-lit classrooms are designed for small group classes. You can always enjoy a free coffee or tea on the terrace during a break. There are 2 terraces at their Shanghai campus -- a spacious rooftop and a cozy glass terrace.


By enrolling in their Chinese classes, you'll join a huge community of That's Mandarin students and alumni. You can participate in cultural events, trips & activities to make new friends and practice your Chinese in a new setting.

Black Friday Vocab



Black Friday

(Lit. "black-five")

Hiw cxio

Black Friday promotion/deal


Mn wqin jin snbi

Save 300RMB on purchases over 5,000RMB

(Lit. "Fill-5000-cut-300")


Mn ywn jin libi

Save 600RMB on purchases over 10,000RMB

(Lit. "Fill-10000-cut-600")

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To get help in finding the best deal, add That's Mandarin on WeChat:

For more about That's Mandarin, click 'Read more' () below.

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