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SH Paws | Urgent! Please Help Our Little Friends!

SH Paws | Urgent! Please Help Our Little Friends!

These four stray puppies were thrown in the gutter by some sick individuals and left for dead. While their mom barked and wailed frantically looking for her kids. They are now all rescued & safe with their mom at the vet. Now they need a stable forever home.

Abandoned girl puppy needs help! If you seriously want to adopt her and will not abandon her again, please make contact, no matter where you are!

Quite and affectionate Storm is still waiting for a kind owner. His eyesight is not perfect, but he has already adapted well.

Maki and Hongbao need to find a new home by the end of the year. Theyve been lucky with a kind foster but hes leaving at the end of December and the cats have nowhere to go. They are lovely cats and come with everything they need.

11-month-old girl Coco is also looking for a warm home. 

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