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No Quarantine in 8 Countries for Travelers with Chinese Vaccines

Source: OT-Team(S,J), People's Daily

According to the Health Column of Peoples Daily, as of November 21, below 8 countries have officially announced exempting quarantine for travelers who have taken Chinese vaccines.


The Canadian government stated on November 19 that, starting from November 30, those who have completed the Chinese Sinopharm or Sinovac vaccination for more than 14 days before entering the country will be regarded as fully vaccinated travelers by the Canadian government. They do not need to be quarantined and do not need to be tested on the eighth day of entry.


On November 8(local time), the British government announced that it would approve the World Health Organization (WHO) emergency use list of COVID vaccines from November 22. The Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines are included.  

Starting at 4 a.m. on November 22, travelers who have been fully vaccinated with these vaccines will be exempted from quarantine after they enter the UK.


On November 14, the Prime Minister of Cambodia announced that from November 15th, passengers (including Cambodians and foreigners) who have been fully vaccinated entering Cambodia can be exempted from quarantine. They only need to undergo rapid testing upon entry and wait for the results to come out. If they get negative results, they can travel freely in Cambodia.


On October 11(local time), the Prime Minister of Thailand issued a televised speech, announcing that from November 1st, people from low-risk countries who have completed vaccination will be exempted from quarantine after entering Thailand, but they must present the certificates with negative COVID test results when entering Thailand. An extra test after would be carried out after entry, those who test negative can move freely in Thailand thereafter.

The low-risk countries mentioned above include China, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany and so on.

South Korea

On June 13, the South Korean government announced that it would implement conditional quarantine measures for immigrants from July 1. People who have been vaccinated with Sinopharm or Sinovac vaccine in China will be exempted from 14-day self-isolation when entering South Korea for the purpose of visiting their family members or for business, academic or public welfare purposes since July.


According to a report by the "China Greece Times" on June 12, the Coronavirus Expert Committee in Greece stated that tourists who have been vaccinated with China's Sinovac Vaccine, Sinopharm Vaccine, and Cansino Biological Vaccine would not need to present nucleic acid test certificates when they travel to Greece.


On June 4thlocal time, Spain announced that from June 7th (local time), all foreign travelers who have completed the COVID vaccination authorized by the European Union or the World Health Organization can enter Spain without restrictions, but the above rules only apply for passengers who have completed vaccination for more than 14 days before entry.


According to the regulations of the Cyprus government in May, people who have taken China's Sinopharm vaccine can enter Cyprus without being tested or quarantined. After they complete the Sinopharm vaccine, no matter which countries or regions they are from, they can enter Cyprus without restriction.

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