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New CEIBS MBA Scholarships to Accelerate Your China Career


The full-time MBA programme at China Europe International Business (CEIBS) in Shanghai is now accepting applications to join the October 2022 intake. 


Beyond Borders Fellowship

To help kick-start your MBA application, international professionals can now apply for the newly announced Beyond Borders Fellowship. Follow the steps below to secure an initial 80,000 RMB towards your MBA tuition.


  • Open to non-Chinese passport holders

  • Minimum two years work experience accumulated outside country of origin 

  • Bachelors degree or equivalent 


The deadline to sign up for the profile review is February 15, 2022; however, slots are limited and will be awarded on a rolling basis. After confirming your seat on the programme, you will also be eligible for a wide range of additional scholarships and financial aid.


*Applicants may qualify for multiple scholarships worth a maximum combined total of 438,000 RMB (full tuition)

*Scholarships and fellowships will be awarded in form of tuition fee discounts only 


Beyond Borders MBA Experience Weekend

To take full advantage of the fellowship, applicants who qualify can also join the Beyond Borders MBA Experience Weekend in Shanghai to get a taste of the MBA and secure an additional 40,000 RMB in fellowship coverage. 




Ranked #7 globally by the Financial Times and #1 in Asia by the Financial Times, Forbes and Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the full-time MBA programme accepts a diverse class of around 150 young professionals. 

This year, the MBA class is 38% international, 50% female and 100% ready to venture into a changing world C together.

Want to learn more about the CEIBS MBA programme? Click read more below.

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