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Must-Know: Shanghai Travel Restrictions Update

Must-Know: Shanghai Travel Restrictions Update

5 days have passed since COVID was found in Shanghai, where the fast screening pace is renowned. For now, most affected places re-operate normally, and here we list the latest travel rules for your reference.

Returning rules 

All personnel returning to Shanghai from or through high-risk areas of the domestic outbreak should report to their residence committee and unit (or hotel) as soon as possible, no longer than 12 hours after their arrival.

1. People from high-risk areas coming to Shanghai

All personnel from or through high-risk areas of the domestic outbreak to return to Shanghai must be in 14 days of centralized isolation and take 4 nucleic acid tests.

2. People from medium-risk areas coming to Shanghai

All people from or through medium-risk areas must implement 14 days of strict community health management, and go through 2 nucleic acid tests. It is not advised to go out, and they must wear masks when it is necessary. They shall not go to crowd gathering places and participate in such activities.

3. People from low-risk areas coming to Shanghai

At present, Shanghai has no regulations on personnel from low-risk areas. However, they are still advised to wear masks after arrival. Their temperatures will gey measured. They must show green codes as required. 

Airport, train station access 

Shanghai does not have clear rules for the latest ourbreak, but we can see the requirements in the previous epidemic prevention policy: it's not advised to leave Shanghai when unnecessary.

At present, Shanghai's major railway stations carry out temperature measurements for all passengers who enter the station, both inbound station and outbound. Their health codes would be checked in at the departure point in each railway station.

1. Passengers holding a yellow code

On-site staff will notify the community to pick up people and ask them to stay at home for 14 days.

2. Passengers holding a red code

The staff will escort the passenger to the designated centralized isolation point for 14 days.

As for airports, at present, all people entering the terminals of Pudong and Hongqiao airports in Shanghai still need to wear masks and undergo temperature measurements.

Shanghai's two major airports carry out health code checks on all domestic arriving passengers and release or observe them according to the results of the inspection. At the same time, the sites have set up a health declaration desk for passengers to sign their declaration.

International visitors must be in full closed-loop management to reduce the risk brought by long incubation. 

For now Shanghai's 3 medium-risk areas remain1650, 1080, 189. 



COVID-19 Update Nov. 29th

1. Shanghai: 

+0 local case

+6 imported COVID-19 cases

2. Chinese mainland:

+21 local cases

+20 imported COVID-19 cases

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