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Hospitals Working Smoothly After Lockdown Lifted

Hospitals Working Smoothly After Lockdown Lifted

Outpatient and emergency services at hospitals that underwent lockdowns due to medical screening on Saturday, ran smoothly on Sunday.

Xinhua Hospital, which restarted operations at 6pm on Saturday, received the first ambulance three minutes later. Emergency services resumed quickly, and its nucleic acid testing also started its 24-hour service.

Its outpatient department began to receive patients at 6:45am on Sunday. Registration started at 7am, when patients went to the outpatient hall.

A 68-year-old woman said she had a reservation at the respiratory disease department on Friday afternoon but received a short message that the service was unavailable at Friday noon.

"I reserved the outpatient immediately after learning the service is available today," she said. "The extra service on Sunday is really convenient and helpful and will avoid the gathering on a busy Monday morning."

Many white-collar patients said they are glad there was a Sunday outpatient service, which avoided having to apply for leave.

Source: SHINE

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