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6 Romantic Winter Destinations for Couples

Travel Notice: Please do not travel to middle-risk and high-risk areas. Click here to check the China risk area list.

Traveling as a couple pushes you to learn new things and learn to have patience with one another. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, jetting off on your honeymoon, or merely seeking a getaway built for two, plan your trip with our list of the most romantic destinations in China.


Xishuangbanna offers a little bit of everything to please all types of romantic travelers. From elephant experiences in the jungle to trekking through rainforests with a monkey on your back, there's no shortage of excitement for you and your loved one to discover.

As a vibrant autonomous prefecture in China, is teeming with lush beauty we're talking emerald green Pu'er tea plantations on Mount Nanuo. Enjoy a cup of tea with her/him in a Hani home that offers a multitude of health benefits for both body and mind.

Jinghong City is the place to be for those looking for a relaxing feeling that embodies both Dai's ethnic minority heart and culture. Gaozhuang Night Market is a busier, more touristy section of the city, peppered with locals hawking and street food. For a quieter experience, stay in Wanda Vista Resort Xishuangbanna. Sitting on the slope of a mountain the resort is constructed in such way that it naturally integrates itself into the local culture.  


As the romantic city of China, there's a reason so many couples seek the ambiance and energy of this destination. When you stroll in the Lijiang ancient town, you'll find yourselves mesmerized by idyllic coffee shops, picture-perfect cobblestone streets, and the scent of flowers perfuming the air.

You can spend your days exploring the many iconic landmarks from the famous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the incredible Blue Moon Valley at the foot of the mountain. At night, snuggle up in Banyan Tree Lijiang with authentic Naxi-inspired architecture. Enjoy the fresh mountain air, and relax in this idyllic highland resort.


Most renowned for skiing and snow wonderland, the Yabuli Ski Resort is one of the top ski resorts in China and brings together all of the makings of a romantic vacation. From snow-covered mountaintops to the warm hot spring, booking a long weekend of skiing is an ideal way to recharge your relationship.

Most couples will choose to stay in downtown of Harbin and take a two day break before heading to the resort. Through the area's downtown, you can enjoy visiting the famous Ice & Snow Festival, and also Russian-inspired buildings and street. Whether you're an experienced skier or you're just in it for the culture tour, Harbin offers a winter-inspired getaway for couples who don't mind the cold.


It's impossible to fall out of love while vacationing in the Sanya. The city magnificent scenery intriguing you to have fun in the crystal-clear water, trek through the tropical forest, and snorkeling in Wuzhizhou Island.

Yalong Bay is the most popular bay amoung others, offering a slew of hotel, restaurant, and shopping choices at all price points. The Ritz Carlton Sanya is a luxury beach front hotel that really brings on the romance.


Hangzhou is considered the Love Capital of China, not only because of its natural beauty such as West Lake, but it is also full of legends of love. Make sure to see the performance of Impression West Lake,  which is a light, music, dance and theatrics play that takes place on the West Lake.

Another must is a romantic boat ride on the Grand Canal while viewing ancient pagodas and local Chinese life on the banks. For the best honeymoon souvenir, visit Xiling Seal Art Society to learn the craft by engraving your name on your own bronze tablet. Or if you prefer tea, head to Longjing Imperial Tea Garden to learn the history and sip various tea in a traditional teahouse.

If youre looking for a luxury and relaxing stay,  its hard to beat the Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake which offers an amazing spa and an infinity pool with a spectacular view of the West Lake.


For a long and accessible weekend adventure to the southwest of China, Guilin is an ideal romantic destination. While all seasons offer a variety of perks, most couple choose Autumn or early Winter for their escape. You can rent a bike and admire nature along the countryside in Yangshuo.

If you prefer to stay in a cozy Miao ethnic Minority building, Yangshuo Mountain Nest is highly recommended. You and your mate can enjoy a handmade breakfast on the top of the roof with a stunning sunset and sunrise view.

As a luxury hotel, Yangshuo Banyan Tree Resort can be your top choice. The hotel harmonizes the nature scenery into the creation of the built environment, providing an atmosphere of peaceful and simplistic traditional Chinese water-ink painting.

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