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3 New Fall Menus: Italo Trattoria, The Kitchen Table & Rzo

By Sophie SteinerIts that time of the year again when summer slips into fall, T-shirts are quickly replaced by sweaters and C all too soon C thick jackets. Still, what better excuse to tuck into cold weather comforts than our bellies being hidden for the next six months? Heres some of the new menus were gearing up to hibernate with as the impending chill sets in. Check out Part I here.

Italo Trattoria

Lucky Lasagna C the spirit animal, nonna and chef of Italo Trattoria C has done it again with his new fall menu, a bastion to all things comforting and good in this world.
Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
Chef Luckys bold flavors are unapologetically soulful; hes not afraid to share his humble home comfort flavors as food that feeds both the stomach and the heart. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sStarting off with an umami bomb of prawn broth is the Maltagliati Brodetto (RMB68). Despite having no added cream or butter, this dish can only be described as indulgently rich.Laden with springy calamari, chickpeas and maltagliata C or ugly cut C fresh pasta ribbons, this is the kind of boldly flavorful food you need as the nights dip in temperature.  
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sWith thick spinach noodles enveloping whipped tufts of nutmeg bchamel and saucy Wagyu beef ragu, the Lasagna Tradizionale (RMB118) is worth reserving ahead of time. Made daily in small batches, we would throw some elbows to score one of the coveted plates.What makes it so special? Love... and a lot of cheese.Oh, and that crisped garnish of pasta sheet on top that pays homage to the pre-aluminum foil days of cooking pasta in Italy, when little baby Lucky Lasagna would fight with his siblings over the extra layer that mama would pull off the top of the lasagna for pre-meal nibbles.They clearly dont call him Lucky Lasagna for nothing. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sThe joy derived from watching pasta cooked in a cheese wheel is akin to a kid on Christmas morning, and Italo is bringing that happiness tableside with the Spaghetti al Tartufo (RMB298).Ropey noodles are tossed inside an wheel of Sardinian truffle Pecorino cheese ablaze with alcohol to melt all the inner layer of cheese, and then finished with even more shaved Sichuan black truffle for a decadently creamy bowl of noodles.
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sThe common thread of cheese continues with the Filetto al Gorgonzola (RMB328), a thick slab of grain-fed fillet mignon steak, smothered in blanket of gorgonzola cream sauce.But wait, whats this? A lingering smoky spice from dried Chinese chilis cuts through the fat, urging us to take yet another bite as our pants stretch tighter across our pleasantly protruding tummies. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sLusciously fatty Longgang yellow Pollo Arrosto (RMB218) from Guangdong is slowly charred to reveal puckering, taut skin that tears open with a bite, unleashing an onslaught of succulent, juicy fowl.The humble coating of mustard and aromatic rosemary has us scratching our heads wondering what kind of dark magic is going on in that kitchen to make a chicken this drool-worthy. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sIt is well documented that Thats Shanghai has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Tiramisu (RMB68), so when Lucky Lasagna threw his hat in the ring, we answered the call with open arms (and open mouths).READ MORE: The Most Extensive List of Tiramisu Ever CompiledMade fresh daily in a large ceramic pan and scooped grandma-style from serving tray directly to plate, this rendition of tiramisu couldnt be any more traditional C thick whipped mascarpone sabayon, cakey lady fingers, that rounded bitterness from coffee liqueur, all dusted a la minute with bitter cocoa powder.Skip the plate and main vein that directly into our bellies, please and thank you.
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sAs for the drinks, Ilya Gorshkov has been equally busy, designing a lineup of video game-themed libations for the newly rebranded Bar Sbagliato, Italo's expansive bar.The Sangreal (RMB78) is an Amaro Montenegro-based libation paired with vermouth, raspberry shrub and grapefruit cordial, topped with a towering grappa air foam, representing Dante's Inferno.
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sDecreasing wastage and using unique ingredients unexpectedly is the name of the game with Ilya. Take, for example, his spin on a mojito, which features kale and is topped with a pipette of homemade tamarind bitters, making for one sour sipper.We cant wait to check out Mario Kart and Street Fighters C two of our childhood favorite games that may just prove to become a favorite adult beverage as well. Be on the lookout for the brand-spanking-new bar name that goes hand-in-hand with the release of the new drinks. Along with an updated food and drinks list, Funkadeli downstairs is also getting an upgraded menu starting in December. Expect pizza popups, with Andrew Moo and Dan Li from Yayas combining unpredictably delicious flavor combinations on top of puffed pizza dough.Italo Trattoria 2/F, 291 Fumin Lu, by Changle Lu 2912,

The Kitchen Table 

The Kitchen Table at W Shanghai, The Bund feels like dining in a summer getaway town on the American coast, with abundant greenery and opulent sunshine streaming through floor to ceiling windows. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sThe upgraded lunch menu fits just that vibe, with a variety of Western eats and plenty of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options on offer. The Kitchen Table also recently added a Josper grill to their kitchen equipment lineup, paving the way for charcoal roasted steaks and seafood. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
Image by Sophie Steiner/That's
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sThe menu is broken up into appetizers and mains, with optional lunch sets available every Monday through Friday from 12-2.30pm.RMB298 will get you an appetizer, main and a selection of cakes and desserts from their sweets display that spans cakes, tarts, cookies and ice cream of all kinds.Two courses any way you like it are available for RMB238, or any appetizer plus a signature main from the Josper grill goes for RMB420.There are also a variety of Shanghai Love and Gin 66 G&Ts plus draft cocktails. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sOn the appetizer front, diners can choose from items like Smoked Salmon (RMB140) C thick cut ribbons of Sichuan salmon intertwined with sliced asparagus and capers, studded with dots of sour cream served alongside homemade sourdough blinis.Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sThe Crispy 6 Min Egg (RMB120) oozes gooey yolk across green asparagus, dollops of pea pure and chicken jus laden mushroom fricassee. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sWhile meat eaters may shy away from anything with the word vegan in the name, the Vegan Mexican Style Bowl (RMB160) should be the exception.Hearty and filling, this dish sees as many flavors and textures as it does colors; a ragout of sweet potato and red beans acts as idea foil for smoky roasted peppers, a sliced avocado half, pickled red cabbage and candied maple pecans. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sSitting on a shmear of smoked eggplant sauce, a sweet tomato chutney, seared fennel bulbs and a sprinkling of olives and capers, the Josper Roasted Salmon (RMB420, including an appetizer) is charcoal-baked to reveal a shatteringly crisp skin.
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sWith a portion befitting a small family of seafaring sailors, the Mixed Grilled Seafood & White Beans Salad (RMB220) is an array of ocean life C shrimp, scallops, octopus, clams and mussels, stewed in a white bean and pork cream sauce, accented by a refreshing mirepoix of vegetables.
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sMore for the vegans, the Just Egg Scrambled (RMB160) sees fluffy vegan eggs atop a dense shakshouka of tomatoes, bell peppers and chickpeas.The menu also covers steaks, a cheeseburger, salads and soup. The Kitchen Table 66 Lvshun Lu 66


Rozo is a chic wine bar with a tight menu of Latin-inspired plates, accented by a creative Asian touch. The first edition of the menu saw roughly 10 dishes, plus meat and cheese platters, designed by consulting chef Carlos Sotomayor (Blue Plate Consulting).Since then, a handful more were just added in the same vein as before C direct and delicious, with an emphasis on hearty and sharing to get you through the colder months. Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sNew on the appetizer front comes the Asparagus (RMB88), resting on a truffle mushroom cream sauce. A four-minute poached egg perches on top, begging to be sliced to ooze all of its yolky goodness across the roasted spears, adding a new dimension to the already velvety sauce. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sWhile the menu leans heavy on the meat, a new addition of the Quinoa Meatballs (RMB77) rounds out the veg-friendly options. Made entirely of grains with egg as a binder, the falafel-esque balls are served in a tomato and bell pepper ragout, dotted with black olives, crispy Brussels sprouts leaves and fresh herbs. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sA five pepper crusted Icelandic Royal Arctic Char (RMB197) is first roasted then finished in a cast iron skilled, adorned with potato halves, crisp fennel bulb and orange wedges. Balanced by a butter cream and sage sauce, the delicate fish flakes into bite size morsels. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sA 500-600 gram lamb shank is cooked in a migas stew, blending together the Mediterranean and Portuguese styles as the Migas Lamb (RMB296).
The key ingredient C buttered 'leftover bread' C sees sourdough combined with white beans, tomato and shredded parmesan, plus a behemoth serving of 18-hour roasted meat that just pulls from the bone with ease. 
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sThe biggest addition to the menu C in more ways than one C is the 1,200+ gram Bonnie (RMB892), an 18-hour slow-cooked bone-in short rib drizzled with a red wine glaze and a trickle of homemade gremolata
Image by Sophie Steiner/That'sServed with a smattering of roasted zucchini, yellow squash, capsicum and mushrooms in a light tomato sauce, this bold portion pairs well with more than just one bottle of wine.Good thing Rozo has got that part covered too. Rozo 2/F, #968 Wuding Lu, by Jiaozhou Lu 9682

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