2021-11-24 16:58


2 Chinese anti-COVID-19 drug candidates enter human trials


Two Chinese antiviral medicine for COVID-19 mainly developed by the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have commenced human trials overseas.

One candidate, coded VV116, is an oral anti-COVID-19 nucleoside drug that has yielded promising results in animal models. It has shown significant inhibiting activity against COVID-19 original strain and variant strain, such as the Delta variant, in vitro tests, the institute said Wednesday.

"VV116 was first approved for clinical trials in Uzbekistan," said Shen Jingshan, a researcher with the institute, adding that human trials are also underway in China.

The other candidate is called FB2001. It is a novel compound designed and synthesized based on the coronavirus' main protease, a key enzyme that plays a pivotal role in viral replication.

Preclinical research also showed that the compound exhibited potent inhibitory activity against the virus in cell culture, said lead researcher Liu Hong.

Researchers conducted phase-1 trials in the United States in March after preclinical research results were published in the journal Science in June 2020.


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