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'Surgery for Happy Sex' Promotion Earns Hospital Hefty Fine

'Surgery for Happy Sex' Promotion Earns Hospital Hefty Fine

A hospital in Huangpu District has been whacked with a hefty fine for the sensational wording used in its cosmetic surgery promotion, according to Shanghai's market regulators.

In its group purchase website, Shanghai Dixin Hospital claimed the status of the hymen was decisive in a happy sexual relationship, according to Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation.

It claimed nearly 90 percent of men cared about the status of their wives' hymen in the promotion of its hymenorrhaphy (or hymenoplasty) surgery.

"Dear, the past is past, and here is a chance for rebirth to bid farewell to your past. After hymenorrhaphy, you are still the man's favorite girl," it said in the promotion.

The advertising was judged to contravene social morality and promise the effects of surgery, both of which violate China's advertising law, the administration said.

The hospital has been ordered to remove the improper ad and fined 208,000 yuan (US$32,531).

Source: SHINE

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