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Some tips on foreigner residence permits in China


If a foreigner applies for a residence certificate or the extension, renewal or reissue of a residence certificate meets the acceptance provisions, the exit Entry Administration of the public security organ shall issue an acceptance receipt with a validity period of no more than 15 days, and make a decision on whether to issue it within the validity period of the acceptance receipt.


If the procedures or documents for a foreigner to apply for a residence permit or for the extension, renewal or reissue of a residence permit do not meet the provisions, the exit Entry Administration of the public security organ shall inform the applicant of the procedures to be performed and the supplemented and corrected application documents at one time.


If a foreigner holding a study residence certificate needs field work-study or internship at school, he shall, with the consent of his school, apply to the entry-exit administration of the public security organ for a residence permit with information such as the location and duration of work-study or internship. 

Foreigners holding study residence certificates whose residence permits are not annotated with the information specified in the preceding paragraph may not participate in field work-study or internship at school.


During the period when the passport or other international travel documents held by the applicant are received and stored for handling the documents, they may legally reside in China on the strength of the acceptance receipt.



Foreigners holding exit and entry certificates indicating the area of stay, and foreigners entering the country temporarily and with a limited area of stay approved by the exit and entry border inspection organ shall stay in the limited area.


If a foreigner within the territory of China is unable to apply for a new passport or international travel document at the relevant authorities in China due to the loss, damage, theft and robbery of his or her documents, he or she may apply to the entry-exit administration of the public security organ of the local people's government at or above the county level in the place of residence for going through the exit formalities.

1. The number of entry times of a visa refers to the number of times the holder can enter the country within the validity period of the visa.

2. The entry validity period of a visa refers to the valid time range for the entry of the visa held by the holder. Unless otherwise specified by the issuing authority, the visa shall take effect from the date of issuance and shall expire at 24:00 Beijing time on the date of expiration.

3. The term of stay of a visa refers to the time limit within which the holder is allowed to stay after each entry, calculated from the next day of entry.

4. Short-term refers to staying in China for no more than 180 days (including 180 days).

5. Long-term and permanent residence refer to residence in China for more than 180 days.


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