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Netizens furious after staff of Disney Park hit in the head by

A video showing an employee dressed in a Duffy Bear costume at the Shanghai Disney Theme Park being hit in the head by a visitor has gone viral on Chinese social media. The images ignited the fury of many Chinese netizens who made calls to stop impolite behaviors and blacklist the visitor. 

The video shows an employee wearing the costume of Duff the Bear holding his face when the staff next to him came to talk and hug him. Some visitors also came forward to comfort him. The netizen who posted the video claimed that the employee was hit in the head by a visitor.  

Many Chinese netizens took on social media to criticize the impolite behavior and many suggested banning those immoral visitors from entering the theme park. 

This is not the first time that staff from Disney's theme parks suffer physical attacks. An employee wearing the costume of Winnie the Pooh was chased and beaten by a child on May 6.

In November, 2017, one employee playing the role of Chip and Dale was also attacked. A tourist jumped from behind the crew and slapped her making the employee hit her head with the hard material inside the costume. The employee suffered a concussion and later was sent to an emergency center.

It is reported that, to maintain the smoothness of shape and appearance, Disney's headgear are made of hard materials. For example, the inside of the headgear needs a large amount of steel frame to support the structure, so when the actor is attacked from the outside, in addition to any blow the weight of the entire headgear will hit the actor's head.


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