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Did your job contract finish already or did your work visa perhaps get rejected, but youre just not ready to leave China yet? Or do you regret that you werent able to properly learn Chinese due to work? Well, nows the perfect chance to pick up from where you left off in your textbook and go back to the classroom to learn Chinese! Omeida Chinese Academy is located in Yangshuo, one of the most beautiful sceneries in all of China. Our certified and qualified teachers can guide you through your journey of learning the language. We at Omeida offer both short and long-term Chinese courses for those who want to learn the essentials or for those of you who want to dig deeper into Chinese grammar and culture.

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By now everyone has probably heard about Chinas crackdown on its English education system in an effort to ease pressure on children and parents, supposedly. The campaign has forced many schools to shut down, but for those staying open, business is down by half. So much so, that some schools are now offering volunteer teacher programs to expats looking to live and work in China legally. Still, many have faced difficulties in finding a new job in time, while some have had to leave the country.

We know that getting a visa is no easy task, especially during these uncertain times. However, we have years of experience assisting students from all around the world with their visas and we are always updated on the latest news. Omeida is the only private Chinese language institution in Guangxi that is qualified to enroll international students on a long-term basis and issue them with a student visa by using the JW202 visa application form that universities also provide. Please contact us beforehand to check if youre eligible for obtaining a student visa. We are more than happy to answer your visa-related questions.

Sample of a student visa application form

Sample of student visa page in the passport


The best thing about studying Chinese at Omeida is the flexible schedule and the affordable price. Choose the Standard Course, which includes three 45 min lessons in the morning or the afternoon from Monday to Friday, if you want to spend half the day studying and the other half either reviewing or exploring Yangshuo. If you prefer having more time on hand, there is the Part-Time Course with fewer lessons for half a year to one year. This is perfect if you want to learn Chinese at a much-relaxed pace.


An additional option would be to do volunteering if you have a limited budget. This is in exchange for free accommodation and meals from the canteen. All you need to do is to volunteer on average 2 hours every day from Monday to Friday. A typical day would be 1 hour of English conversation (usually 1-on-1) with the English students and the rest depends on your interest or expertise, e.g. write blogs for the website, managing social media, assisting the marketing team, etc. This is a popular choice amongst our past students.

English conversation volunteering


We believe that the method to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture. We are proud to be located in Yangshuo. Its a beautiful place to learn Chinese and an ideal place to escape from the busy city life. Here you can enjoy the fresh air and outdoor adventures such as rock climbing and bicycling. For more information about things to do in Yangshuo check out our blog post and contact us if you have other general questions.


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