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JobsRecruiting English-speaking recorders in China

  • You need to meet the following information:

1. City: Chengdu/Shanghai/Beijing/Shenzhen, China

2. Nationality: Norway/Denmark

3. Age: over 18 years old, both men and women are welcomed

  • Recording requirements:

1. You need to record according to the text specified by us in the car;

2. We will drive a car to let you record at different speeds and noises;

  • Sample recorded text:

1. Turn on AC/Open all windows;

2. Call Silje Nergaard/ Call Anna/ Call 911

3. I wanna listen Lene Alexandra ien/ Play Silje


  • Recording background:

Artificial Intelligence-Voice Interaction System (Human-Car Interaction) Project Team

If you are interested, please add our official WeChat to consultation.


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