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First Dedicated Terminal for International Flights Opens Here!

Source: OT-Team(S,J),Tencent

In order to prevent the importation of the COVID epidemic, Xiamen Airport started a dedicated terminal for international entry flights on October 23.

Nucleic acid sampling area

The dedicated terminal is rebuilt from the former T2 terminal of Xiamen Airport, covering an area of 4800 square meters and a building area of 7,800 square meters.

The passage is exclusively for fully isolated entry. After opening, the passage will undertake most of the security tasks for inbound flights and passengers. The T2 terminal of Xiamen Airport will also become the first dedicated terminal for inbound flights from international/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions to be launched in China.

There are two floors in the terminal building, with seven partitions including the customs investigation area, the border inspection hall, and the logistics office areas. Passengers on inbound flights will go through relevant immigration procedures here.

10 professional sampling rooms have been set in this terminal, to ensure the nucleic acid sampling of inbound passengers. The sampling rooms are all separated. In addition, there is a dedicated medical inspection channel for symptomatic passengers. If inbound passengers show symptoms such as fever, they will enter this channel for medical investigation, and then be transferred to the apron and isolation stations by ambulance.

Prior to this, all international inbound passengers at Xiamen Airport passed through the T3 terminal and went through relevant immigration procedures. After starting the dedicated terminal, passengers on inbound flights will pass through here and go through relevant immigration procedures, and at the same time cooperate with the completion of epidemic prevention and control work.

International inbound passengers will be completely separated from the domestic passengers and international outbound passengers. It is not only independent from the epidemic prevention space, but also stricter and more efficient from the joint inspection process to the epidemic prevention process.

The boarding of international outbound passengers and domestic passengers will not be affected.

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