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Chinese Language Club in SH This October!

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Are you learning Chinese? 

Do you want to practice the language? 

Come and join our Chinese Language Club every Saturday 1-2:30 pm at Upstairs Bar, Shanghai.

How does it work: 

In this language club, we have a topic for each week, and our teacher will be there to help. (Free feel to propose topics that you'd like to discuss)

We encourage participants to prepare a speech for the topic, which our teacher can help to correct. The speech will be read/spoke at the beginning of each event.

Register at the venue & choose your sticker (symbolize your language level) and tag on your chest.

Get your drinking ticket & grab your drink in the bar

Start the event

  • A simple self-introduction

  • Speech part (if anyone volunteers to do one)

  • Guided Q&A 

  • Teacher guided discussion

  • Feedback after the event

NO. of participants:

Minimum: 4 people

Maximum: 8 people

A day before the event, if less than 4 people sign up, this event will be canceled.

Who can join in: 

We welcome people of all levels to join our club, however, we recommend that you have basic knowledge of the Chinese language (HSK 3) so that you can enjoy conversation in Chinese. A theme topic will be given for each week.

Native Chinese speakers are welcome to participate as volunteers and help learners from other cultures to improve their Chinese.


80RMB includes 1 drink


  • Each participant must only use Chinese to communicate in the venue

  • In this event, we are all learners, we dont judge another participants language level and opinion. 

How to sign up?

  1. Add WeChat: Eve_Dseng. 

  2. Choose a date to sign up. 

Every Sat. 1-2:30pm

@Uptairs Bar

990 Wuding Road

TailorMade Chinese Language Club

  Purpose of this event

  • Creating a language environment for everyone to practice oral Chinese language

  • Consolidating the knowledge learned in the lesson

  • Increasing your ability in expressing yourself in Chinese

  • Building up your Chinese language sense

  • Meeting new friends


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