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What Can You Do at Universal Studios Beijing?

What Can You Do at Universal Studios Beijing?

The Universal Studios Beijing will be officially opened on Sept. 20. Now during its trial operation, let's see how do these rides actually feel like and what's behind the construction of the Minion Land and Jurassic World

The tickets have been available since 0:00 on Sept. 14. People can make reservations on the official App(Universal Beijing Resort) and enter the spot at the appointed time.

The Universal Studios Beijing One-Day Dated Ticket will follow a four-tiered pricing structure:

Low Season tickets  418 RMB: Select dates in Spring & Fall, Majority of dates in Winter; 

Mid-Season tickets 528 RMB: Majority of dates in Spring & Fall, Select dates in Winter; 

High Season tickets 638 RMB: Opening Month, Select Statutory Holidays, Select Periods of Summer Holidays, Select dates in Spring & Fall; 

Special Season tickets 748 RMB: Select Statutory Holidays and Select dates during Summer Holiday. 

Source: Xinhua,


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