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Lebanese official said: "The Chinese never use diapers !!!"

Source: Tencent News

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"Chinese not using baby diapers is not an excuse for the Lebanese government's incompetence and demanding that the people economize !" According to a report on the 12th in Lebanons Oriental Daily, Hector Hajar, Minister of Social Affairs of the new Lebanese government, spoke on the domestic situation. It did not have a soothing effect, but caused ridicule among the people of the country. According to the analysis, this shows that the Lebanese people are again disappointed with the new government.

Hector Hajar, Minister of Social Affairs of the New Lebanese Government

"Oriental Daily" said that the new Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs Hajar has not yet taken office, but has set off a storm of public opinion on social media. In an interview recently, Hajar claimed that Lebanon is going through a difficult period, "We must deal with the crisis by giving up certain secondary products. At present, Lebanese people think that baby diapers are essential products. And I came back from China. Chinese people do not use diapers so far. This economic power does not use diapers. Chinese people use towels to wash as in the past. The new minister did not specify whether he was in a large Chinese city or a remote village to confirm his so-called Theory of diapers. Only asks the Lebanese people to abandon the use of baby diapers or drink bottled water for the country, because "there is currently an economic war against Lebanon, and diapers, facial tissues, and bottled water are not priorities."

Hajar, 65, has a doctorate in dental surgery from Lebanon University and is one of the ministers of President Michel Aouns new cabinet. His remarks caused fierce controversy on social networks, and there were many comments that mocked him. On the 12th, the label of "Minister of Diapers" topped the Lebanese Twitter search list. Someone said: They don't know whether the Chinese use diapers, but China has a minister who really manages the country.Your remarks shows you to be an ignorant clown "Lebanese Forces" party member Katica also tweeted: "After listening to the'diaper minister', I am sure that this man can lead us farther than hell. "

Lebanons new Minister of Information Kodashi told the media on the 12th that Lebanon is on an emergency landing flight. We must cooperate fully to bring hope to the people. Kodashi criticized certain geniuses and analysts for posting pessimistic comments on the new Lebanese government in the media, and he also quoted the term hell used by Lebanese President Aoun regarding the current crisis. The commentary believes that Hajar's remarks show that he supports Kodashi and requires people to be thrifty to achieve the goal of supporting the country, but the Lebanese people obviously do not have much expectations for the new government. Some netizens said that "the two ministers are really national treasure-level humorous actors, but the current disastrous situation of the country and the people makes it difficult to laugh. Although the new government has new faces, their way of speaking is still stupid."

According to the French bfm television station, according to August data from the World Bank, Lebanon is experiencing one of the worst economic crises since the mid-19th century. About half of the population lives below the poverty line, and prices have risen by 580% since October 2020. Following the 29.3% drop in economic growth last year, economic growth this year is expected to fall by 9.5%

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