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JobsModern functional dressing Engineer|over 100K RMB/month

Job Responsibilities

Modern functional dressing industrialization projects include functional dressings, such as silver ion dressings, artificial dermal repair (alternative) materials, wound repair dressings, ostomy care products, and polymer medical adhesive products. This project aims to industrialize functional dressings that already have the conditions for listing, and at the same time introduce and incubate more industrialized projects with scientific and technological content and economic added value.

Job Requirements

Major: Polymer Chemistry/Materials Science/Biological Engineering Degree: PhD and above, English. Wound repair, functional dressing, medical adhesive technology research for more than 5 years, engaged in research work in an internationally renowned modern wound dressing manufacturer, or have experience in industrialization projects. The specific time and deadline for coming to China: unlimited

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

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Part-timeTikTok Experiencer| Under 10K RMB per month

Jobs300 foreign actors are needed for a movie shooting

part-timeMulti-Language Subtitle Translation Specialists

JobsDPVR Global Marketing Specialist| 15K - 20K RMB per month

JobsInternational Admissions Counselor

Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry

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