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Jealous? Must Spend Your Holiday Like This!

Jealous? Must Spend Your Holiday Like This!

Ever feel like you're jealous of those cute fluffs? When you don't want to get out of bed and head to work, when you want to fill all the tasty food in your belly, when you want to do nothing all day but stare blankly into the sky...

Well, I guess maybe for one moment, you have been jealous of that lazy cute panda who slept all your special visit in the zoo and only showed you his fluffy tail ball.

Here at Mid-Autumn Festival, we decide to flame that fire even higher, with the internet dominated by a bunch of pics, showing you guys how these animals at Shanghai Zoo in Changning District "went over the moon with a banquet of cakes". 

The special feast was served with mooncakes made of jujube, barley, bran, and stuffed with apple, pear, tomato, cucumber, carrot, orange, pumpkin, peanut, walnut, beef, mealworm and honey.

Alongside the recipe, to make it more fun, zoo workers handmade most of these and pressed them into different shapes.

The chimpanzees, black-capped capuchin, ring-tailed lemur, great hornbill, macaw and lesser panda all enjoyed the banquet.

So, still don't know what to do at Mid-Autumn Festival? Maybe take your family on a short trip to the zoo.

Address: 2381 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Level: AAAA

Recommended time for visiting: 3-5 hours

Tel: 021-62687775

Website: http://www.shanghaizoo.cn

Source: Shine

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