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How do foreigners apply for temporary accommodation registration

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The registration form for temporary accommodation for foreigners refers to those who do not have a mainland Chinese identity card who are staying in hotels, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, schools, enterprises, institutions, or agencies, organizations and other Chinese institutions. They should present valid certificates and fill in the temporary Hotel check-in

The application must be made by the person or the resident (institution) at the police station in the area of residence.
"Law of the People's Republic of China on Exit and Entry Administration" Article 39 If a foreigner stays in a hotel in China, the hotel shall register for him in accordance with the relevant regulations of hotel industry public security management, and report the foreigners accommodation registration to the local public security agency information.
If a foreigner lives or stays in a residence other than a hotel, he or the resident shall register with the public security organ of the place of residence within 24 hours after check-in.

The specific process of applying for the registration form of temporary accommodation.
1. The person or the resident (institution) must apply to the police station in the jurisdiction of the residence within the specified time.
2. The applicant or agent should truthfully fill in the "Declaration Form for Accommodation Registration for Overseas Personnel";
3. Scan and save the valid ID data page (photo page) of the applicant, and enter it into the comprehensive information management system of the police station together with the contents of the "Overseas Personnel Accommodation Registration Form".
4. Print out the "Registration Form for Overseas Personnel Accommodation" and sign it for confirmation after the applicant or agent verifies that it is correct;
5. Print out the "Registration Form of Temporary Accommodation for Overseas Personnel", affix the "Special Seal for Registration of Overseas Personnel Accommodation" by the police station, and submit it to the declarant or agent.
6. If the applicant or agent provides incomplete certification materials, they shall register first and inform them to supplement relevant materials within 3 working days. After the materials are complete, the "Registration Form of Temporary Accommodation for Overseas Personnel" will be issued.

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