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Hot demand for iPhone 13 in China crashes Apple website...

Apple's newly-launched iPhone 13 is proving more welcome than expected in China, with some colors of the new series selling out in less than 10 minutes on Friday, crashing the official Apple website and leaving the gadget's presales hard-to-get on major e-commerce platforms.

On Saturday morning, the official Apple website resumed operation after it crashed on Friday night as people rushed to buy the US tech giant's newest product. 

The iPhone 13 was also one of the hottest topics on Sina Weibo on Friday evening.

Chinese mobile operators and e-commerce platforms opened pre-order channels ahead of the official launch. Major carrier China Mobile set an ultra-low threshold to make an appointment.

According to media reports, more than 3 million people have booked an iPhone 13 series on e-commerce platform Tmall.com by Thursday afternoon.

In August, Foxconn's Zhengzhou factory, which manufactures half of the iPhones in the world, was facing a labor shortage of up to 200,000 workers just weeks before the new iPhone 13's launch.

In order to hire more workers, Foxconn plants are raising one-time bonuses for new candidates from around 9,800 yuan ($1,511) in July to over 10,000 yuan if they work for up to 90 days.

Local authorities have also helped out. "The government has helped us think of many ways," said Wang Xue, deputy general manager of Foxconn Zhengzhou Science and Technology Park, according to a report from the Henan Daily.


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