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HSK Lesson 1:Learn Chinese directly without PinYin ,

Starting Chinese speaking & reading directly with 12 most frequently used words: 1,2,3,4,5, day, you, me, he, she, all good. 


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HSK Level 1HSK

Lesson 1:

Learning Chinese directly without PinYin and tones is much easier and more effective.In lesson 1, we start our Chinese words/reading study with 12 frequently used words directly, their phrases and sentences, listening, speaking, writing, typing and reciting. Learning and practice with web application:http://www.hezi.net/HeBook1/3 steps:

1. Learn 12 frequently use words, writing, typing, speaking and reciting;

2. Learn 14 phrases which are composed with these 12 words;

3. Learn 12 sentences which are composed with these 12 words as well.


1one2two3three4four5five6day, weather7you8I, me9he, him, other10she, her11all



1we, us2you(all)3they(female), them(female)4you and me5you, me and him6Hello7Hello everyone8three days95 days10every day11123123211312345



10 11 




More practice

Learn Chinese speaking and reading directly without PinYin and tones, recite short sentences to remember sounds & meanings of words. We provide effective and successful courses.

1. Don't Start from PinYin to Learn Chinese 

2. Online Chinese Course from SHUPL

3. HeChinese Introduction lesson part2/2Send a message to book your free online trial lessons:

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