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Expat Youth in SH Can Make Reservation for Vaccination Tomorrow!

Expat Youth in SH Can Make Reservation for Vaccination Tomorrow!

Foreign nationals aged 12-17 will be able to make reservations for vaccination against COVID-19 in Shanghai beginning at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, the city's pandemic prevention and control leadership office announced on Monday.

Only the inactivated vaccine developed by China is available now. 2 doses are required, and the cost is 100 yuan (US$15.50) for each dose. Expats who have local medical insurance under China's social security system can enjoy free vaccination like their Chinese peers. 

Reservations can be made via the Health Cloud online platform, or jiankangyun in Chinese, with passports, international travel documents, or other identity certificates. Information of minors' parents or guardians, including names, identification documents and contact details, are also required.

the Health Cloud online platform

Minors should be accompanied by a parent or guardian to the vaccination site at which they've made their reservation at the appointed time. They need to bring along identification documents passports, international travel documents, etc.) they've used to make the reservation.

At the vaccination site, an informed consent form and a disclaimer form must be signed before inoculation.

Vaccine recipients will undergo a 30-minute medical observation immediately after vaccination.

If parents or guardians cannot accompany minors to receive the vaccine, they can authorize other adults and sign a power of attorney.

Vaccinated persons are advised to pay close attention to their health conditions in the 14 days following the inoculation.

Source: SHINE


COVID-19 Update Sept. 14th

1. Shanghai: 

+0 local case

+6 imported COVID-19 cases

2. Chinese mainland:

+59 local case (all in Fujian)

+33 imported COVID-19 cases

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