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Crazy!Tickets sold out 30mins for Universal Beijing,big jump for


Tickets for September 20, the first day Universal Studios Beijing is set to open to the public, were sold out within half an hour after the park opened ticket sales online at 12 am on Tuesday. 

Within half an hour, the tickets for the coming Mid-Autumn festival holiday which starts on Friday were sold out with so is the Universal Express Pass and the searches for the nearby hotels up by seven times, data from online travel booking platform revealed. 

According to Fliggy, Alibaba Group's online travel booking platform, within half an hour of open-ing, the official store of Universal Studio Beijing on the platform has sold 100, 000 tickets, while the store's followers also grew by150 percent over late August levels.

Data from travel platform Qunar showed that visits to the page of Universal Studio Beijing on the platform have grown 20 times in seconds after the opening with tickets and fast pass for the Mid-Autumn Festival period being sold out within half an hour. 

Ticket prices for Universal Studios Beijing range from 418 yuan ($65) to 748 yuan and tickets for the opening day are priced at 638 yuan.

Ticket sales were the major factor in driving the growth of the nearby hotels and flight tickets.


According to Qunar, the searches of hotel near Universal Studio Beijing increased more than seven times by12:30 am on Tuesday. 

The parks grand opening falls on the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the bookings of tickets heading to Beijing increased by more than 200 percent in the past week compared with the previous week, data from Fliggy showed.

According to media reports, the park will open to the public from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Sep-tember 20. Visitors should schedule their arrival time in advance using the  parks official app.


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