2021-07-17 16:30


Metro issues sitting etiquette goes viral on social media



A public service announcement from the Shanghai Metro on Wednesday about proper seating edict quickly went viral as netizens took to social media to vent their frustrations at passengers who get a little too comfortable on public transport. 

Space is hard to come by while taking the Shanghai Metro due to high traffic numbers. This was especially true on Friday, when the daily number of passengers in this Chinese mega city surged past 12 million to set a new record for 2021.  

The increased flow of traffic has made certain passengers' sitting preference a major issue since, as the metro pointed out in its PSA (Public Service Announcement), sitting with one's leg crossed over the knee makes it more difficult for people to pass by and therefore is not appropriate for public transport.

The metro's PSA has become a hot topic on  Weibo, earning more than 100 million views.  

The news inspired many netizens to post about other behaviors on trains that lack social courtesy - putting briefcases in the aisle, sneakily taking photos of others and the tapping on one's seat are all considered "rude" behaviors.


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