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JobsUniversity Foreign Teacher

Job Responsibilities

Position: ESL teacher(s) Type of School:  Kindergarten (s), Primary school (s)   &        High school (s). Vacancies : 50 Schedule: Weekdays : Monday - Friday WeekendsOff Students age: 3- 16 years old A period : 40 - 45  minutes Workload : within 20hours a week. Teaching Period :  March,2021 to January,2023 Benefits & Welfare:  Monthly salary : RMB (CNY) 10,000 to 20,000 Orientation lesson with free accommodation Health Insurance Vacation salary  ,   Unshared apartment Staff to pick you up at the international airport Flight allowance  , Meal (s) during work

Job Requirements

Requirements: Native speakers or non-natives with teaching Z Visa Bachelor degree is a *must At least 2 years teaching experience / Native English Speakers with No ESL Experience can try . Hold TESOL/TEFL/CELTA The major like early childhood education would be preferred HOW TO APPLY! Email  Documents  to; [email protected] Self Introduction Video (1-2 minutes ) Resume , Passport bio page scan Copy Current Visa Page if currently in China. Degree Scan Copy  , TESOL /TEFL /CELTA Non Criminal Record authenticated by the Chinese Embassy Medical Certificate from Chinese Embassy Designated Hospital

Required Languages

English, German

Please scan to apply for this job.



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