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Full List of Areas Banning Non-Vaccinated People!

Source: OT-Team(S,J), Xinhua News, Weibo, Tencent news

Below is a full list of the bans for non-vaccinated people!

The discussion on whether the ban is reasonable have been heating.

Some experts believe that individuals have the right and freedom to decide whether to vaccinate, however they should also have responsibilities and obligations to society.

Chinas Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases does not stipulate that measures to prevent infectious diseases should be taken at will in non-epidemic areas or during non-communicable disease outbreaks. This restriction on the freedom of movement of people who have not been vaccinated is a major social matter. According to the Article 53 of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law, a ban or restriction like this should be officially launched by the people's government or at least the authorities in provincial level.

Therefore the current burst of local ban is still under dispute.

Yunnan reported 5 local cases, one area to launch massive testing

On July 14, Yunnan Province reported 5 newly diagnosed COVID cases , of which 2 were in Ruili and 3 were in Longchuan County, all of whom are of Chinese nationality.

From July 17 to 18, 2021, Jinghong City will conduct a nucleic acid testing for all residents (including local permanent residents, migrants, foreigners, etc.). During the nucleic acid testing period, traffic control will be implemented, and people in the area are not allowed to go out unless necessary.

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