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3 Easy Steps to Donating Your Old Clothes Via WeChat

By Ryan GandolfoWhether youre holding onto clothes you no longer wear or preparing to move and need to downsize the closet, theres a great way to donate clothes that requires very little effort.Flying Ant provides a clothing pickup service on WeChat C all you need to do is schedule an appointment, and a worker will arrive at your door to take your donated clothes away.Flying Ant founder Ma Yun has built a sustainable business recycling old clothes, starting the company in Shanghai in 2014 before expanding to over 50 cities throughout China.
Flying Ant provides clothing pickup services free of charge for anyone looking to rid themselves of old shirts, pants, shorts, socks C you name it. Follow these three easy steps below to donate your old clothes:

1. Find Flying Ant on WeChat

Open WeChat and search for Feimayi (), meaning Flying Ant.

2. Schedule a pickup time for your donation

After you open their WeChat account, youll notice three tabs on the bottom of Flying Ants homepage. Click on the icon on the far right, , meaning pick up old clothes, and then click the top tab , meaning schedule your clothes pick-up, from the top-down list.

3. Complete your clothing pick up order

The next page will ask you for your address, pickup date and quantity of clothing (measured in kilograms). Once you fill in each area, submit your request and youll receive follow-up text message that will inform you when your pick-up time has been approved. After that, leave your bag (or bags) of clothes outside your front door for a Flying Ant representative to collect at the designated time.Note: Friends have told us that the company did not collect their recycled clothes because the combined weight of their donation was under three kilograms, so please keep that in mind and consider asking your neighbors or friends if they have any clothes that theyd also like to donate.
This article was originally published in 2018 and has been updated and republished on July 12, 2021.[Cover image via Shanna Camilleri/Unsplash]

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