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What's the Trends of 2021 for Conscious Consumerism in China

Another great Tuesday Smart Talk from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Global EBA program

This time we had Chenyu Zheng, an influencer on lifestyle and sustainability. Started her path in the US supporting companies like Uber adjust their marketing strategies to the China market

She works alongside JUCCCE (Joint US China Collaboration on Clean Energy) and the 'Green Goddess of China' Peggy Liu in accelerating the greening of China

Conscious consumerism trends in China:
Plant based Food & Beverages
Eco Tourism in villages and scenic sites
Consumers making sustainable / healthier choices
Push to make sustainable more affordable

Case studies we looked into:
Manner Coffee started off as a 2sqm store and now they're everywhere in Shanghai. From its inception, coffee was affordable and their core identity was the #BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup) and you get 5 RMB off (25% off their espresso price)

Other interesting cases:
 Oatly and Starbucks making oat milk mainstream
 OmniFoods bringing plant based meats to family recipes - their Omnipork product is cheaper than pork

With the CCP and Chairman Xi 's pledge to make China carbon neutral by 2060, conscious consumerism is a natural path for brands that want to fit in and prepare the future


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