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Saying Goodbye to Your Ayi ( y) in China

This week, we continue exploring videos from our Chinese learning platform NihaoCafe

Today, let's pick a story from Level 3.

Saying Goodbyeto Your Ayi



At some point in your life in China, chances are you'll hire a cleaning lady, or ayi ( y).

And sometimes, an ayi might have to leave move to another city, come back to her hometown, take care of her children, etc.

What would she say in this case?

Discover in today's video.

Family & Hometown-Related Vocabulary


(loji) hometown; (sbs) place of birth

(hu loji) to go back home

(zhog) to take care; to look after

(yye) grandpa

(ninai) grandma

(hizi) child; children

(shnt) body; health

(xingd jimi) siblings; brothers & sisters

Asking &Giving Reasons


(wishnme) why

(yunyn) reason; cause

(ynwi) because

(di) to have to; need; must

(knng) perhaps; possibly





(One day, when May is at home in Beijing, her cleaning lady comes up to her)

y: W xi g yu b nng zi zhr gngzu le.

Ayi: Next month I won't be able to work here anymore.


May: Wishnme?

May: How come?

y: Zujn hizi yye ninai de shnt b ti ho, xyo rn zhog.

Ayi: My children's grandparents haven't been very well recently, they need someone to take care of them.


May: Jil miyu xingd jimi bngmng ma?

May: Don't you have any siblings at home to help?

y: Yu sh yu, dnsh ynwi yqin tmen yzh bng w zhog hizi, xinzi w di huq zhog tmen.

Ayi: I do, but because they were taking care of my children all the time, now I have to go back and take care of them.


May: N n shnme shhou huli?

May: So when will you come back?

y: W knng b huli le.

Ayi: I might not come back.


May: A!

May: Oh!

Story Time


Let's bring the dialogue to life! Watch as Ms. Liu breaks the news to May that she has to go back to her hometown.

What would you reply to Ms. Liu?

To watch the rest of this video, discuss it with a teacher and pick up more vocabulary, book a free trial class with us


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