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Salary is Rising Soon! 7 Provinces Announce New Standards!

Source: OT-Team(S,J),Economic View

Back to May, we have posted about the 4 provinces that have raised the Minimum Monthly Salary in 2021, recently weve noticed 3 more provinces/province-level Municipalities that have announced the raise.

Find more information here: Minimum Monthly Salary is Rising in China! Get the Details!

On June 11th, the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced that, from August 1st, Beijing will adjust the monthly minimum wage, with an increase of 120 yuan.

Tianjin has announced about the raise in April, and the new monthly wage standard will come into effect from July 1st on.

Tibet will also carry out new standard on July 1st.

Earlier in 2021, Shanghai, Anhui and Jilin have made announcement for adjusting the provinces minimum wage standards, there is no further official update so far .

Will the nationwide monthly salary increase speed up?

According to the expert, the minimum monthly wage standards have to be connected with many factors of local economics. Provinces cannot keep the same speed. The increase should not only meet the needs of guaranteeing the basic life of low-income workers and their dependents, but also ensure that enterprises can withstand the increase in labor costs and achieve sustainable development.

At present, all provinces are trying to get extra labor force. The minimum wage is a very important factor. Developed regions like Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang maintain their salary advantages, so that they can continuously attract labor from the central and western regions.

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